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A Brief Introduction to the Chinese Wushu

Wushu, one of the Chinese ancient traditional sports, is the most valuable Chinese cultural heritage. It has a long history. And its content is rich. Wushu has been developed and enjoyed by Chinese people for thousands of years, because it is of great importance in conditions and community where nature adapts things and only the fittest survives. It is not only of skill but also a  type of thoroughly tempered traditional Chinese culture. It is science and good sport. There will be full scope for Wushu's special character and benefits in the "All People's Health Plan of China". Wushu is more and more enjoyed by the World. That is the Chinese people's great contribution to the whole world for people's health and happiness.


A Brief Introduction to Wushu Pattern

Wushu pattern comprises fist pattern and weapon pattern. Fist pattern has been the main content of Wushu since ancient times. Fist pattern comprises Shaolinquan, Taijiquan, Changquan, Nanquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang. Songjiang Wushu School teaches Shaolinquan, Taijiquan, Changquan and other routines.

Shaolinquan consists of both quick and changing positions and solid and powerful movements. The characteristics of  Taijiquan are subduing the active by the calm, subduing the vigorous by the soft, and avoiding the "solid" and attacking the "solid". The research of the school on Changquan, Chaquan, Huaquan, Paoquan, Hongquan, Fanziquan, Chuojue, Baji, Shuihuquan, 36 styles Songjiangquan, 72 styles Yanqing Wuxingquan, Sunbinguai and so on are very fruitful. The school also made great contributions to the development of them. Their stability in position and lightness and quickness in movement greatly impressed the World. All those patterns, routines and styles are taught by famous masters in Songjiang Wushu School.

Wushu Weapons evolved from ancient Chinese military weapons. Besides sabre, spear, rapier and cudgel, there are bow, arrow, slingshot, Ge, halberd, hook, Guai, shield, dagger, whip, rapier, Biangan, Quan, meteor hammer, Dang, fork, Pa, hammer, Zhua, Emeici, axe, Yue, Shuo, spade and Jue.

Sabre, spear, rapier and cudgel are the four main weapons in contemporary Wushu.

Sabre   the most commonly-used weapon, is the first among the 18 Main Weapons. In practicing Sabre, the common techniques are: hacking, cutting, stirring, cloud sabre, stretching, trowel, lunging, hanging, springing, parrying, back chopping, hiding, intercepting, twisting, wrapping Guonao, sweeping, pressing, pushing, blocking, dividing, bringing and pointing. Sabre play has characteristics that are swift, overwhelming and powerful. Sabre play in its daily training can balance the development of the muscles and improve the health and ability of the organs.

Spear  is one of the long weapons and the king of Wushu Weapons. Blocking, sweeping piercing, splitting, poking, lunging, hacking, circling and stirring are its characteristics.

Rapier, one of the short Wushu Weapons, is the father of the Wushu Weapons. In rapierplay, the common techniques are lunging, up-stirring, chopping, trowel, withdrawing, stirring, intercepting, pointing and so on. Rapier play's characteristics are light, swift, graceful and flexible.

Cudgel is a long weapon. There are many different cudgel routines and cudgel styles, but they have the same characteristics. These are chopping, splitting, circling, pointing, stirring, blocking, sweeping and so on.

Playing cudgel requires familiarity with hand and arm forms. The body should be joined together with the cudgel in movement. Power is at the cudgel tip. Sweeping should be fierce.

Cudgel play should be fierce, swift and powerful. There is a saying: Spear lunging a line, cudgel sweeping a space.

All the above-mentioned weapon routines and styles are taught by famous masters and experts.

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