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 The Future Stars
When Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Jet Li gradually retreat from the movie circle, and Donnie Yen  does not have enough influence, who will take the places of them in martial art movies? Jackie Chan  thought of this problem. At Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival, a film "Martial Art Boy Legend" produced by Jackie Chan,  Sammo Hung starring  appeared. Two actors in the film Wenjie Wang and Fengchao Liu attract the attention of the audience. They were chosen by Jackie Chan directly from Songjiang Wushu School as to be the future action movie stars. Pictures of them

My home I love, my School I love;
my teacher I love, my friends I love.
Advice and teaching,
work hard  and study hard,
Sure of pillar of state.
National Wushu Village Competition:The sixth National Wushu Village Competition  held on the 22th,April 2007 in Songjiang Wushu School. Thousands of contestants from all over China competed  here.  The events covered a large range: various Wushu taolu,weapons,Sanshow and other innovative new styles from the best Wushu athletes .There was a great  show from famous figures such as Pan Changjiang. Famous singers added color to the beginning ceremony. Almost Half of the medals went to Songjiang Wushu School.
Do you have what it takes to be the next Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan,or Jet Li?
Then don't miss your chance to perform in front of prestigious martial arts masters,world renowned martial arts and action film stars,and televised audience!
Our Mission is to inspire character development and self-discovery in people of all ages and walks of life through challenge and adventure, and to impel them to achieve more than they ever thought possible, to show compassion for others and to actively engage in creating a better world. Outward Bound can help students achieve their possibilities, and to inspire them to serve others and care for the world around them.

Our Chinese Martial Arts Weapons Museum
Our Chinese Martial Arts Weapons Museum will help you to have a better understanding of the history of Wushu .

You must have seen a lot of films acted by Jackie Chan. Have you ever dreamed to be a Martial Art movie star just as famous as Jet Li? Do you like to learn the skill of flying in the air?  Come to Songjiang Martial Art Actor Class. Your dreams will come true.

The actor training class was opened in 2000.It would be the beginning of setting up the Songjiang movie company. A lot of famous directors and specialists would be invited to give instructions here. Some of the students would have the opportunity to take part in making  movies. They will play the martial art parts or the special technique parts (already done a lot). Some movies have already been finished. You can watch that over the internet on our website. If you are in the movie field, we hope you will choose actors in our school or cooperate with us in making  movies. If you like to learn how to be a martial art actor, come to our school. We would train you into a top-level  martial art actor.

Leaders are visiting the school and Mr Fan is with them
The National Wushu champion from Songjiang Wushu School
Kang Yong Gang ,a student from Songjiang Wushu school has won many medals
Our student won another National champion
Mr Liu in New York
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